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100 Common Sense Dating Tips...

It is time to have "the talk". Yes, THAT talk. The one your parents may have tap danced around. This book picks up where they may have left off.

Experts often emphasize how important communication is to relationships. "100 Common Sense Dating Tips" is jammed packed with conversation starters.

From the creator of Your Boyfriend's Best Girlfriend Blog, with a little help from her friends, comes a heartfelt and humorous book of advice, guaranteed to lift the spirit and elevate your dating profile.

This full color version features candid photos of real life couples and singles.

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100 Common Sense Dating Tips by CM Writer | Make Your Own Book

Black and White Edition: 100 Common Sense Dating Tips

You may purchase here:

Abridged version of the full color "100 Common Sense Dating Tips From Your Boyfriend's Best Girlfriend."

This black and white text version includes "Twenty Great Date Ideas" and pictures.

Author CM Writer delivers common sense dating tips for singles, new relationships, committed couples and those who are married. As one chapter states, "Marriage does not mean the end of dating."

Includes a quote from Paul Carrick Brunson, The Modern Day Matchmaker and Essence columnist.

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