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Quotes I read 100 Common Sense Dating Tips and I have to say that book is powerful! Quotes
Michael L

Quotes Every now and then comes the voice of a person who opens your eyes, levels your mind and encourages your heart to listen and take the advice given to you to make not just yourself, but also your relationship and life more in tune to how you know it should be. CM is able to tune you in to the situations that enable us to be better people. She says it like it is and that's what everyone needs to hear. No BS, just straight like-it-is real talk. Very impressive.. Truly amazing. Quotes
Chuck T.

Quotes CM has really given me some great advice and has challenged me to think of things that I didn't think about before; especially when it comes to relationships! She is very real and honest and has good understanding of things from a male prospective and does a good job of bringing the two together!! Quotes
Demarko Lee

Quotes She's ballsy! She gives it to you straight, no chaser! Quotes
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