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About CM Writer

  • Graduate of UNC Chapel Hill- BA Political Science with concentrations in English and African American Studies

  • Graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law

  • Licensed North Carolina attorney for state and federal courts in Western and Eastern Divisions

  • Former columnist

  • Social Media, Legal, Marketing, and Relationship information provider

  • Freelance writer with Creative Circle

  • Author

  • Editor

  • Sports fan and mouth of the South

I wrote a relationship advice column for seven years. It began as an extension of my career in law, but turned into a completely separate career in media and writing.

In 2010, a fellow creative attorney encouraged me to start a blog, so I gave it a shot.

The blog led down a path to celebrity interviewing and product promotion. I have interviewed singers, actors, athletes and politicians...some famous, others trying to gain fame. I often joke that my story on Thomas Davis, of the Carolina Panthers, helped him win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2015. 

Apparently, I was training for this second career many moons ago as the co-editor of my high school newspaper, which was banned for a controversial story on marijuana use. I'd like to think we were ahead of our time with investigative reporting.

Since then, I have edited the works of other people. You may have seen my work on celebrity's websites or in books for which I have provided ghostwriting or editing services. Most recently, I have assisted two entrepreneurs in crafting a lifestyle book in conjunction with an NBA player's foundation. That player happens to love cupcakes and have a thing for appearing in the NBA Finals.

Back in the day, I was the president of our high school marketing club, winning awards and traveling all over the country with DECA. Recently, I paid homage to that foundation by volunteering as a DECA judge for the regional competitions in my area.

Marketing has changed a lot in twenty years, and I have been part of the transition from working in call centers, doing customer service and working retail in college to helping to scheduling focus groups for pharmaceutical companies part-time in law school, and promoting products through social media channels these days. 

Of course, marketing is key for a company's connection with its consumer base. However, stellar documenation is the platform for any business's sustained success. That is where my legal training comes in. One of my favorite law professors once told our class that winning court cases happens before you ever step a foot on the courhouse steps. The attorney whom formulates the best arguments on paper, manages time well, and synthesizes law, persuasion and facts wins more often than not.

The core foundation to winning is documentation.


In those engineering documents, grammar and proofreading mattered. A misplaced comma or period could have resulted in improper maintenance of machines, poor tooling, or any manner of mistakes that would have cost my employer money.

Today, I write and analyze contracts and other business documents as part of my legal profession.

Lesson: Good documentation saves you money.

I am a writer, and that means many things. I write, I create, I analyze, I storytell, I laugh, I cry, I emote, I fantasize, I persuade, I edit, I erase, I proofread, I mess up, I research, I start over...


100 Common Sense Dating Tips is the first book I wrote. There is a coffee table version and a paperback. Available at You can go to the site by clicking the image.

Your Boyfriend's Best Girilfriend: A Tomboy's Guide To Knowing, Loving And Understanding Men (The title is written this way for a reason...)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on (Click the image to go to Amazon.)

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